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380s-4 Replacement foil

I need to get a replacement foil for my 380s-4 but am unsure which foil/cutter set I need to get, as I just bought the series 3 30B set but that does not fit. Looking around on the internet it seems I need to get the 32B set, but I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells it, they only seem to sell it in the US, any ideas?
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  • Hi Sonny, welcome to the forums!

    Oh dear, I’m sorry you’ve been having problems buying the correct foil and cutter set! Unfortunately, after double-checking, I can see you have bought the wrong one- you’re absolutely right, you need a 32B. Thankfully, we do have a service centre who you can buy from. If you give them a call on 01159657447 between 9AM and 5PM, Monday to Friday, you will be able to speak to an advisor who can sell you the part.

    You can also buy the foil and cutter set from them on their website, here:

    I hope that this helps!
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